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Check Out This Socially Distant Zip Lining Spot in Fayetteville

Outdoor fun doesn’t need to be limited to picnics and hikes. This is especially true for residents of Legacy at Cross Creek. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, check out the fun activities at ZipQuest, our favorite zip lining spot in Fayetteville. Read on to learn more about this great outdoor park near our apartments in Fayetteville, NC:

Zip Lining

There are two package options for people who want to experience zip lining at the site. They offer the “Waterfall Expedition” and the “Treetop Excursion.” For the former, you get to enjoy up to eight tree-to-tree zip lines. Additionally, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore three suspension bridges, as well as three spiral staircases. Perhaps best of all, you’ll also get to enjoy an amazing view of Carver’s Falls in all its splendor.

The “Treetop Excursion,” which is the slightly cheaper option, is a bit shorter. It incorporates five tree-to-tree zip lines, one suspension bridge, and two spiral staircases. Regardless of whether you choose to go for the “Waterfall Expedition” or the “Treetop Excursion,” you can’t go wrong. Also, if you don’t have time to visit ZipQuest during the day, you can select the after-dusk tour option. That means you’ll be zip lining under the stars! 

Swing Shot

If the zip line isn’t thrilling enough for you, you can opt for the swing shot instead. However, this activity isn’t for the faint of heart or anybody afraid of heights. First, they lift the swing more than three stories above ground and then they release it. If you choose this activity, you’ll enjoy a spectacular view of Carver’s Creek below.

After you work up an appetite at this awesome zip lining spot in Fayetteville, you can pick up takeout from a local restaurant on your way home. To learn more about Legacy at Cross Creek please contact us. We would love to invite you on a virtual tour, so that you can discover firsthand all that our Fayetteville apartments have to offer.

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