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Order Takeout from Fayetteville Sushi Restaurants

If you are craving some seafood, it’s time to check out of the many top-notch Fayetteville sushi restaurants. Also, these great restaurants offer takeout and delivery. So, you can support a local small business and enjoy specialty sushi from the comfort of our Fayetteville apartments. Sushi restaurants nearby include:

Samurai Japanese Steakhouse

Samurai Japanese Steakhouse on North McPherson Church Road provides delivery and takeout on online orders. You can start your meal off right with a sashimi appetizer or spicy tuna cocktail. Then, the sushi menu has a wide range of options, from classic rolls to specialty selections. The space coupe roll, for example, is stuffed with fried shrimp, cucumber, and spicy crab, with a variety of toppings. They also offer a fully customizable poke bowl. They also offer sushi burritos and hibachi, so you’ll never run out of options. 


Wasabi is open for takeout and delivery. First, check out their shrimp tempura and potstickers from the appetizer menu. Then, for sushi, you can stick with a standard California or Philly roll, or sample one of several house sushi rolls. The heaven roll with a mix of fish provides a new take on sushi. They also have an excellent vegetarian roll. Additionally, Wasabi has hibachi, udon, and bento box menus for heartier options. 

Sushi Court

Sushi Court offers online ordering for takeout on their website as well as delivery using Fay To Go. From their appetizer menu, you can order anything from tuna poke salad to deep-fried calamari. From their classic sushi menu, try the spider roll of fried soft shell crab, cucumber, and teriyaki sauce. Sushi Court also has sushi pizza—a unique new take on pizza. Check out their bento boxes for a hot, filling option as well. 

Ordering from one of these Fayetteville sushi restaurants is a true win-win: you get to support a small business and savor sushi in your Fayetteville apartment! Before you eat, check out these nearby hiking trails to get your appetite up. If you’re looking for a place to live, contact us for leasing information. 

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