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Grab Fayetteville BBQ To-Go

BBQ is a well known American classic. Originated in the south, it has since gone on to conquer the world. Each southern city has their own take on BBQ, including Fayetteville. Here are three great Fayetteville BBQ spots near the Legacy at Cross Creek

Fowler’s Southern Gourmet 

Few places are more local than Fowler’s. All of their ingredients are sourced in-state. This means better quality and that customers are supporting local farms and ranches. While their ingredients are local, their menu creations are far-reaching. St Louis style ribs and Cobb salads are just a few examples.  Recently, Fowlers received accreditation from “In Our State” magazine. One of their signatures is branding every brioche bun with a pig.

Southern Coals 

Southern Coals prides itself on being the best with little frills.  They want to have the best service, the best side dishes, and the best meats. Not only is their quality the best, but so are their prices. You can get a half-pound of meat for under $6. Keep an eye out for their feature of the day for even bigger discounts. 

Mac’s Speed Shop 

Mac’s is a small chain that has grown quickly in popularity. Started in 2005, it has since grown to have 8 locations, including one in Fayetteville.  Mac’s loves to compete in nationwide BBQ cook-offs, and they have been well received. They have dozens of trophies and accolades, with their chicken being the biggest winner. Mac’s also likes to experiment with some menu items, leading to the creation of “Mexicue.” As the name implies, this is a mixture of Mexican and BBQ.  This is best exemplified by their Brisket, Beef & Black Bean Chili appetizer. 

Those are some excellent Fayettville BBQ options. Here are some great cupcake options if you are looking for a dessert that goes well with your BBQ dinner. Contact us today if you are looking for apartments in Fayetteville. We’d love to hear from you!

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