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Challenge Yourself at These Fayetteville Mountain Biking Trails

Biking is a great way to work out while enjoying the great outdoors. Luckily, residents of Legacy at Cross Creek live right by three of the best Fayetteville mountain biking trails. Each one caters to different skill levels, so there are options for all bikers, including beginners. Read on to learn more about the top trails near our apartments in Fayetteville, NC:

Bill Hefner Elementary School Trail

If you’re a beginner, the Bill Hefner Elementary School Trail is a great place to start. The trail is about six miles long, so it’s good for rides on the shorter side. In addition, since it’s a singletrack, it’s not accessible to any vehicles except for bicycles. This makes it really safe for visitors to bike around without interference.

All American Singletrack

The All American Singletrack is a 16-mile mountain biking trail perfect for intermediate bikers. As you might gather from its name, it’s another singletrack option, but it also parallels a much larger track than the one at Bill Hefner. As a result, you can choose which spots to ride and which ones to walk. Even better, the trail itself is very diverse. There are roots, mounds, trees, and even sand. That means that, as you bike, you’ll ride through different types of topography, including a forest and fields, as well as flat and hilly terrain.

Smith Lake Mountain Biking Trails (Black Trail)

The Smith Lake Recreation Area is home to several short biking trails. One of the most popular and challenging ones is the Black Trail. It’s fairly short, but it has all you could ever want in an intermediate-level trail. This includes logs, ditches, bridges, climbs, and more. It takes around 16 minutes to complete.

Now that you know all about our favorite Fayetteville mountain biking trails, it’s time to check them out for yourself. If you don’t have a bike, you can enjoy the hiking trails instead. To learn more about Legacy at Cross Creek, please contact us. We would love to take you on a tour of our Fayetteville apartments so that you can see firsthand all that our vibrant community has to offer.

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