A person increasing food security in Fayetteville by collecting a grate full of fresh vegetables

How to Support Food Security in Fayetteville

One way to help yourself, our Legacy at Cross Creek community, and the planet all at once is to be mindful of the food you eat. By eating food that is ethically sourced near our apartments in Fayetteville, you not only increase food security, but also bolster the environment at large. To support food security in […]

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Man using therapy services in Fayetteville to speak with a mental health counselor online

The Best Remote Therapy Services in Fayetteville

With busy work schedules, it can be difficult to find time to prioritize your own needs. However, it’s extremely important to keep your mental health in check. In fact, good mental health is linked to an increase in overall happiness. Thankfully, these therapy services in Fayetteville are now offering remote counseling online. That means that […]

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